Planning for the Wedding Reception

wedding centerpiece

Wedding Reception



Questions to ask yourself

What kind of a reception do I want?

How long should the reception be?

What are the things that need to be done to doll up the reception?

These may be considerations that you might think about on planning for your wedding reception. As a guide, you should plan the wedding reception according to the theme of your wedding. E.g. if you choose a beach theme wedding, then the decoration and cutleries should try to match the theme as close as possible.

But if you are having a Disneyland wedding or a fairytale wedding, then you might consider getting food and decors that are close to the theme.

For instance, if you choose a beach wedding theme, then the reception table might be decorated with drift woods, sea shells, candles and flowers. Flowers are a good decoration as it is versatile and can be used for a variety of wedding themes.

Setting up the wedding table

wedding guest book

  • Program list
  • Guest book for guest to write their well wishes
  • Guest list
  • Decoration such as flowers
  • Table layout plan (for reference in ushering the guests)

What type of cuisine?

The choice of food very much depends on your budget and cuisine available at the location. It should match your theme of the wedding and the style of your wedding. Important thing to note is to make sure that you adhere to the budget set. Do take note of the dietary requirements of your guests. If they are vegetarian or on a special diet, do make sure that you are able to cater to their needs.

Other Important Information


  1. Location

Choose a location that is not too far from your wedding reception and preferably sheltered so that there is no need to fret when the weather conditions changes. It is also a good time for the guests to relax and mingle with the newly weds.

If the location does not offer any sheltered alternatives, you may need to decide if you may want to build a tent to provide the shade and seats available.

2. Amenities

Choose a venue whereby there are basic amenities present already such as parking lots, toilets. It makes things a little less complicated!

3. Timing

There are no hard and fast rules on how long your reception should be. It very much is dependent on the venue availability. Depending on how you want to plan it to be, your wedding ceremony can go for hours.

4. Wedding vendors

You might be dealing with a few vendors from catering to photography. So it’s important to have a black and white contract stating the services or items provided so that you remember what is included and what is not! You will be surprised at some of the fine prints and hence it is better to get down in writing and the level of service or items provided. Do clarify before committing as you will have less negotiation power when you sign the contract.

Creating Wedding Decorations – Centerpiece

wedding centerpiece

Flower arrangement as wedding centerpiece

Beach wedding centerpiece can be anything from simple to lavish items. Flowers or candles are usually used as centerpieces. Some wedding centerpieces combined the natural elements which are already existent at the wedding venue and thus enhance the overall atmosphere and mood of the wedding.

With the increasing cost of holding a wedding, more couples are finding ways to stretch their dollar to plan for the perfect wedding. Choose a cheap or value centerpiece may become one of the top priorities in their list. The extra money which they save may be used for other areas of the wedding or in their honeymoon.

Choosing a suitable wedding centerpiece would very much depend on the wedding theme, style and the availability of the item for the event. For a beach wedding, flowers might be a good choice, as they make the whole place like a natural garden. You could find cheap sources of flowers from the Internet or yellow pages.

Usually wedding centerpiece are outside the scope of provision of wedding packages and thus you would need to engage a professional provider to help to create the unique piece for the wedding.

Depending on your budget, you could choose a simple or luxurious centerpiece. If you are on a tight budget, you could try to use candles / candies as centerpieces as they are relatively cheap and portable. However for a beach wedding, you must take into account of the strong winds at the venue, which might blow out the candles. Have some plastic sheets or putting them in bottles would help to prevent them from being blown out.

You might also be able to rent. For example, if you are thinking of using potted plants for the ceremony, you could rent the plants from the local nursery. This is a good idea for beach wedding as it gives the whole place like a little tropical touch and also helps to corner off the section of the beach. It is also a prominent sign to the guests that that is the venue, just in case they got lost.

However a word of caution, do get those plants that are a bit heavy weighted (not too heavy too or they will sink into the sand!) to avoid them toppling over when the strong winds from the sea comes in. This is for the safety reasons as you certainly do not want any hitches on that day.

In short, there are many creative ideas which you can think of in choosing or making the perfect centerpiece. You might even be able to use candies as the material to be used for the centerpiece!

Perhaps you could ponder over the following points:

  • Theme and style of the wedding
  • Availability of the wedding centerpiece on the day of the wedding
  • Budget
  • Portability and ease of logistics – if your wedding venue is far away and you intend to move them there

Here are some ideas!

For everlasting beauty, try silk flowers!

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