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Task 1 : Finding the right spot for your beach wedding



Cool! You have decided on a beach wedding and the next step is to choose a venue big enough to accommodate your guests, friends and family.

There are many nice and pretty beaches out there and you might find yourself being spoil for choice. Once you have narrowed down the list, the next thing is to check on the rules and regulations of the locations which you intend to carry out your wedding. One thing to note is that not every single spot of the beach can be used for functions. Thus it is best to first check out the local authorities.

Do take into consideration of the activities that are at the type of activities that are available at the destinations could help you make a wiser choice!

Popular choice include the Caribbean Island, Boracay Islands, Bali, Hawaii, Bahamas etc. Depending on where you are located, you definitely would be able to find a choice which suits your style.

Choice 1 : Caribbean Islands

There are so many nice islands within the Caribbean to offer great venues for holding the perfect beach wedding. You will be spoil for choice!

Tcaribbeanhe white sands, emerald waters, blue skies, green forests create the setting for planning the romantic wedding. Walking down the aisle lined with seashells and having the nature sounds of waves to grace the occasion, these are the unique qualities which have made the Caribbean a top beach wedding destination.

There are many great beaches with the Caribbean ring of islands such as Bahamas, Anguilla, U.S Virgin Islands (USVI), St Lucia, Barbados.

Furthermore the wide variety of activities, such as scuba diving, yachting, shopping and dining have further enhance the place to be a top notch beach wedding destination. Due to its popularity, it has many great wedding planners and wedding planning companies to help you create and design the best wedding ever. There are many competitive wedding packages which you can choose from, with accommodation offerings from luxurious villas rentals to top end beach resorts.

Each island on the Caribbean has a unique character and taste of its own. Depending on your preference and budget, you could choose to hold your wedding on a nice secluded beach. Depending on the number of guests on your invitation list or just the two of you, there are certainly many places within Caribbean for you to choose from.

Choice 2:  U.S. Virgin Islands (St John, St Croix, St Thomas)

The 3 islands (St John, St Croix & St Thomas) which form The U.S. Virgins Islands, which lays at the east of the Caribbean, approximate 1,100 miles from Miami. The average temperatures for the islands range from 77ºF in the winter to 83ºF in the summer.

Each of the islands has a unique character and quality of its own with breathtaking views. The islands are renowned for their white sands as compared to the rest of the other islands within the Caribbean islands with black sands.

Getting married on the islands is relatively easy, with a short 8-day wait and as it is a popular wedding destination, you can find lots of consultants and planners to aid you in planning the perfect wedding. You would need a marriage license (last a year) and it can be easily obtained through your wedding planner.

St John  – The smallest among the islands, approximate two-thirds of St. John is a national park plus it houses world-renowned dazzling beaches such as TrunkBay, CinnamonBay, and Salt Pond Bay.

If you want to be in a lively beach, Cruz Bay is the right choice with fabulous restaurants and bars.

Most of the accommodations are around Cruz Bay which is the ferry drop off point.


  • Camping ground (Cinnamon Bay, Maho Bay)
  • All-inclusive resorts
  • ‘Recycled materials’ Cottages along Maho Bay

If you are on a tight budget, you may want to consider housing yourselves and your guests at the nearby St Thomas as the accommodation on St John are relatively more expensive. You could get the guests to come over to St John by ferry but do note the timing of the ferry that leaves the island back to St Thomas.

Recommended Beaches:

  • Caneel Bay – operated by Rosewood Hotels. Admit day guests.
  • Trunk Bay – well known for underwater snorkeling & hit with cruise passengers
  • Cinnamon Bay – great camping ground
  • Salt Pond Bay


  • Hiking along Reef Bay Trail
  • Snorkeling
  • Jeep tours
  • Sugarcane plantation sightseeing
  • Windsurfing

St Thomas – boasts one of the most beautiful harbors in the world and is one of the liveliest islands in with its capital, Charlotte Amalie, which has exciting nightlife and world-class duty-free shopping.

It also offers a wide range of activities such as scuba diving, yachting, snorkeling, water sports, dining and of course shopping!!!

You can choose from all-inclusive world class resorts, private homes and villas or even yacht rental for planning your accommodation.


  • All-inclusive resorts
  • Private Homes & villas
  • Yacht

Recommended Beaches:

  • Magens Bay (Paid beach)
  • Sapphire Beach (Great for snorkeling & water sports)


  • Diving
  • Snorkeling
  • Nightlife and Dining
  • Shopping
  • Golfing
  • Sports such as tennis

Choice 3 : Bahamas

Bahamas is a top notch beach wedding destination. Made up of an archipelago of over 700 unique and diversified islands, the great beaches on the islands boast wonderful venues for conducting the perfect beach wedding.

You could hold your wedding on Grand Bahamas Island, Long Island, Nassau/Paradise Island, Eleuthera / Harbour Island,or any other islands from the 700 islands.

There are many events and activities going on on the Bahamas Islands. So do check out the calendar, which will help you to plan some activities for your guests after the wedding. There are many great activities such as water sports and tours which could help to keep your guests occupied.

Do not worry as there are a lot of wedding planners and hotels offering great wedding packages for you to choose from.

Caution!! Do remember to remind your guests to bring their passports along or they would be refused entry to board the plane or to enter Bahamas. If you have foreign guests coming over, do check that they do have the necessary visas (if needed) too.

Planning for your wedding?

The marriage license application is relatively easy. Both of you must reside on the islands for at least one day prior to your wedding day and must be at the present to apply for the license. The cost of the marriage license is US$100.

Places to seek assistance:

Choice 4: Angullia

Thinking of planning for a beach wedding on this former British island? You will get to choose from 33 beautiful, secluded sparklingly white beaches, lined with clear blue waters.

The best thing is that the beaches are private and you can spend great quiet times with your loved ones at the beach.

If you are looking for a small private beach wedding ceremony, Anguilla would be the best choice!

With world renowned beaches such as East Shoal Bay, and the warm hospitality of the Anguillians, why not choose this place as your destination wedding venue and honeymoon site?

Great place for those who wants privacy!

If you are concerned about accommodations, there are many types to choose, from the private villas lining the West Shoal Bay, to the resorts and hotels.

Best time to visit: December to August (August is recommended as Anguilla will be bustling with lots of acitivites)

How to Get there?

From Europe: Via air from Paris to St Martin (Half French, Half Dutch Island with bustling stores, shops and restaurants.

Then you can take taxi boats to Anguilla.

From North America: Via air from Puerto Rico / smaller Caribbean Islands. Usually small jets fly into Anguilla.

Do not expect big jumbo jets to fly into Anguilla as there are no major airports to do so. You would have to fly into St Martins and change to a smaller jet or take a ferry over.

Hmm if you find it a hassle, do think of the beautiful secluded beaches. If it was so easy to get to Anguilla, it might become a huge tour package destination and loses its unique flavor.


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