Makeup Tips

makeup tips

Makeup Tips To Look Your Best


makeup tips

Getting married is one of the most important and happiest moments in one’s lifetime. Looking great on the big day is a major concern of every bride and groom.

What are the areas you should pay more attention to? Get some tips here!

Since you have spent a great amount of time in searching for the perfect shoes and dress, do not forget this important step to match your makeup to them so as to achieve an overall look.

Tips to look good:

  • Look through bridal magazines to check on latest trends.
  • Find a makeup artist or consultant – If you are on a budget and is not engaging one, try to look through the magazines to get some self-help and ideas. Tear the papers of the look you want and show it to your makeup artist or for your own reference. Sometimes it is hard to communicate in words the type and feel of the look you want. So the best thing is to show it in a picture form!
    • Some tips on what to bring along in the appointment with your makeup artist.
      • Your wedding dress – a photo is good
      • Your accessories
      • References and pictures of the look you wish to achieve from magazines
      • Color of lipstick that you intend to wear
      • Shoes – a photo is good

D.I.Y Makeup Tips:

If you are intending to do the makeup yourself, try the following tips.

  • Get a good concealer & foundation that is the right match for your skin – To check if the color matches your skin, tap some foundation on the side of the jaw and blend it using a few strokes, If it disappears, it means that the foundation is a good shade.
  • Concealing under eye circles or dark eye circles –Depending on the type of under eye or dark eye circles, use this as a guide.
    • If the under eye circles are more bluish, try to lighten them with a matte light peach shadow.
    • If the under eye circles are more greyish, try to lighten them with a matte soft pink shadow.
    • Then put on the foundation or concealer. This way, you can effectively ‘hide’ and blend the under eye circles.
  • Applying the concealer
    • Choose a concealer that is about 1 – 2 shades lighter than your tone. Do not get something too light or you might find yourself trying to blend the concealer in.
  • To lengthen the time for your foundation
    • Use a tissue and fold it. Gently pad on the foundation. This will remove excess oil and leaves pure pigment on the skin. In this way, your foundation can stay longer. Brush loose powder over the foundation to set.
  • Applying the blusher
    • Get a good blusher brush and apply the blush on the apple of your cheek. Pick the color and gently tap the powder on the apples of the cheek and slowly blending backwards towards the temple. Then use a clean sponge to blend to make the blush look real.
  • Applying the eye color
    • Choose 1 – 2 shades lighter for the color of your brow hairs. Using a darker color can make you look harsh.
    • Choose a light color to lift up your eyes. White is good. Use it on your brow bone and the inner and outer corners of the eyes. Then apply and blend your eye shadow color.
    • Use the mascara on the lashes to widen and ‘waken’ the eyes so that the eyes look bigger.
    • Use a shade that sets to give you a more natural look.
  • Applying lipstick
    • To make the lipstick last longer. Powder the lips first. Use the lip pencil to outline the whole lips and then apply the lip color, blot and reapply again. Apply a lip gloss in the middle of the bottom lip to make the lip look glossier.

You should be all set to look your best and be the limelight for your big day!

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