Destination Wedding Checklist

Working on a wedding checklist

Wedding Preparation Checklist

Definition of destination wedding – By pure definition, it is a wedding that don’t take place in either the bride’s or the groom’s usual place of residence. It is a hybrid of wedding ceremony plus honeymoon for most cases and usually is in distant places.

Pros of Destination Wedding:

  • Unique experience
  • Possibility of saving money as the guest list is shorter
  • Hybrid of honeymoon

Marriage Preparation Checklist

  • Budget 
    • How much are you willing to spend for the entire wedding?
    • How much to spend for food & beverage?
    • How much to spend for location?
    • How much to spend on the wedding favors?
    • How much to spend for the wedding dress, wedding attire & makeup?
  • Place
    • Where do you want to plan the wedding?
    • Somewhere where both of you first met or somewhere where he proposed?
    • Is the place accessible to all guests?
    • Local rules and legislation
    • Marriage requirements guide
    • Is it easy to get the services you need?
  • Guests List
    • Who can attend the wedding?
    • Can most of your close family and friends make it?
    • How to send out the invitation and confirmation? Through a wedding website or confirmation via Facebook?
  • Wedding Preparation Timeline
    • How advance should you start to plan?
    • In certain countries, you may need to book the venue very much earlier.
    • When should you start to do certain preparation?

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