Beach Wedding Venue: U.S Part 2

Choice 4: Carolina

Get married on over 60 miles of warm, sandy beaches, on one of America’s popular beaches.  It has attracted close to 14 million visitors a year.

There are a few portions of Myrtle Beach – North Myrtle Beach, South Myrtle Beach.


The stunning natural beauty of the North Myrtle Beach portrays North Carolina at its best. This is one of the best vacation spot. There are many great resorts, entertainment, shipping, dining and activities to do at the North Myrtle Beach.

The range of accommodation is fabulous, from oceanfront condominium to specially decorated cottages. You and your guests can choose to stay in their desired accommodation. The range of activities which your guests can do is a wide variety too. They can do fishing, golfing, shopping, boating and lots more. Perhaps this might form one of the considerations for you in choosing the beach wedding destinations. The guests might be more willing to come as they could also take a vacation with their loved ones after your wedding.


  • Obtain a South Carolina marriage license before a wedding ceremony can be performed.
  • Any marriage license obtained anywhere in South Carolina is valid here.
  • Alternatively you can get a marriage license locally at the county offices in North Myrtle Beach and Conway, which are open Monday through Friday from 8AM to 4PM.
  • The license must be applied at least one day in advance of your wedding (a 24-hour waiting period is required in the state of South Carolina); and you may return the following day to pick up your license. Both of you must be present to apply for the marriage license.
  • Identification is required, but no blood test or physical examination is required.

Choice 5: Alabama

The white sandy beaches of  Alabama are major tourist attractions and well loved by Alabama residents. It has 50 miles of Gulf Beach and estimated 65 – 75 miles of bay beaches which are classified for swimming. Finding a good spot to hold the fun beach wedding should not be too difficult.

There are a lot of accommodations which front the beaches and thus you should not have a problem finding one which you fancy.

With the relatively mild weather in Alabama, you could get married practically anytime. But do skip the rainy month of March and dry month of October. But of course, it’s hard to predict the wedding and you might want to have some contingencies such as an alternative venue or to rent a tent.

  •  Orange Beach (Baldwin)

32 miles of sugar white sad and clear waters.

Activities which can be done include golf, swimming, fishing, dining, etc.

You could visit attractions such as Orange Beach Indian & Sea Museum and do tours to Adventure Island.

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