Guide to Planning a Beach Wedding



Walking down the aisle with the one in your life in soft white sand, under the soft sun, blue sea, with tinkling winds softly kissing your cheeks.  “Saying I do” on the soft sandy white beaches under the clear blue sky in front of a group of intimate friends and relatives. How does this picture sound to you?

Where are the perfect beach wedding destinations? How about the marvelous beaches of the Caribbean, USVI, Hawaii, Bahamas, Australia or at the sunny beaches of the tropical Asian Paradises such Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia?

Join the growing trend for newly weds, golden weds to take their vows on the great beaches through the world. Information on beach destinations weddings can be found in bridal books and magazines (eg You & Your Wedding- see below) and the Internet, searching for ideas to go about planning a beach wedding.

Here at Beach Wedding Planning Guide, you will find useful information to guide you in planning the perfect romantic beach wedding. We trust that you would be able to design and orchestrate the perfect wedding to impress your friends and family, and most importantly, the love of your life!

Check out the various posts and tips on how to go about planning a perfect wedding with a budget that you can afford!

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