Wedding Venues in Asia – Thailand

Thailand   Thailand, the  ‘Land of Smiles” is a beautiful sparklingly country in Asia, with warm hospitality and a colorful culture, is a top-notch spot in Asia as a wedding and honeymoon destination. It boasts great islands and beaches such… (READ MORE)

Wedding Website

Creating a website to store your memories! Want to capture and preserve the special moments of the beach wedding? There is a popular way to do this! The increasing trend of couples posting their wedding photos on the Internet and… (READ MORE)

makeup tips

Makeup Tips

Makeup Tips To Look Your Best   Getting married is one of the most important and happiest moments in one’s lifetime. Looking great on the big day is a major concern of every bride and groom. What are the areas… (READ MORE)

Weight Loss Tips

Getting to the Ideal Weight   Every bride-to-be or groom to-be wants to look their best on the BIG day. You may feel conscious about your diet, lifestyle, posture months prior to the event, especially for the ladies, who may… (READ MORE)

Destination Wedding Checklist

Working on a wedding checklist Definition of destination wedding – By pure definition, it is a wedding that don’t take place in either the bride’s or the groom’s usual place of residence. It is a hybrid of wedding ceremony plus… (READ MORE)

Looking good – Dark Eye Circles

Looking good – Dark Eye Circles   Most of us have the same problem – dark or under eye circles. How come we are so prone to it? If you don’t sleep well for a few nights, you will start… (READ MORE)

wedding centerpiece

Planning for the Wedding Reception

Wedding Reception     Questions to ask yourself What kind of a reception do I want? How long should the reception be? What are the things that need to be done to doll up the reception? These may be considerations… (READ MORE)

Wedding Cake

Choosing your wedding cake   To add on to the sweetness and joyous mood, having a beach wedding cake adds on to the fond memories for both the couple and the guests. The design should reflect the couple’s unique style… (READ MORE)

Wedding Favors

Choosing the right beach wedding favor to complement the occasion…   Wedding favors are usually mementos given to guests as a kind gesture for remembrance of the joyous occasion. There are always a wide variety of beach wedding favors available…. (READ MORE)

Wedding Invitations

Getting a unique wedding invitation to symbolize the event:   You have now completed the step in choosing the perfect wedding venue  and now you are busy getting the guest list ready to send the cards. You ponder over what… (READ MORE)